Furry Critters Aren't So Cute When They Cause Millions of Dollars in Damage

Call Creative Home Services of Lincoln Park & Wayne, NJ for animal control services

Have squirrels taken over your property in the Lincoln Park or Wayne, New Jersey area? You need to call the animal control experts at Creative Home Services LLC to take care of the problem. Squirrels and raccoons are known to cause millions of dollars in property damage and can carry a number of diseases. We'll evict these furry critters from your residential, commercial or industrial property for good.

We'll safely remove animals from your property

Our trained exterminators provide exclusion services to prevent wildlife from entering your home or commercial facility. We have techniques to remove squirrels raccoons, possums, birds and other small animals that are prone to nesting in buildings. Our animal control services include:

  • Locating entry points on your property that are used by animals
  • Using live trapping methods to remove critters humanely from your property
  • Filling in entry points to prevent further animal infestations

Call 862-271-8023 to schedule animal control services with Creative Home Services LLC.